How do we operate

1. The concept of an innovative product / service

We assist our clients in comprehensive realization of the investments, from a concept, through a stage of cooperation with the relevant research units and scientists, the process of patent to the closure of the project. Creating new concepts ,identifying and analyzing potential research opportunities is the first step in the direction of the whole development and research process .

2. A choice of methodology and implementation of B+R work

Research – development projects require appropriate scientific background. We help to liaise with the relevant scientific research units and scientists. The choice of the optimal composition of the consortium or innovative team consisting of the best partners for cooperation in the implementation of innovative concept is the key to success.

3. Working out a development strategy for the company based on a created innovation

Finding out the optimal form of the implementation process of the innovative service on the market – commercialization of the results of the carried out research-development works.

4. Identifying sources to finance development strategy

We advise our customers in the selection of appropriate financing sources. We conduct the audit of the feasibility of the investment with the maximum use of funds from the European Union.

5. Creating a contest application with the required attachments

  • Preparing an application for a grant with an additional documentation - feasibility studies and business plans.
  • Assistance in cooperation with banks, universities, research institutes
  • Support in patent procedure
  • Completing a full contest documentation
  • Preparing the financial analysis of the planned investment

6. Grant settlement

This is a vital stage in the entire process of obtaining grants and it consists of the following stages:

  • Preparing applications for payments on every stage of the project
  • Making any possible improvements imposed by the Intermediary Institution
  • Support at the time of the control
  • Permanent contact with the Intermediary Institution

7. Support for export activities of innovative products/services

With INTODATA cooperation:

  • We introduce companies to Polish market
  • We offer a comprehensive assistance to the companies which plan to expand their activities on a new market abroad
  • We outsource business processes to INTODATA

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